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Mental Health & Productivity
How a Weighted Blanket Can Alleviate Anxiety
Weighted blanket benefits can include minimizing anxiety, falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. 
10 juin 2019|941
Recognizing the Signs of Burnout Is a Great Start Toward Recovery
Recovery from burnout begins with recognizing the signs of burnout. How to know if you are burnt out and what to do about it if you are. 
30 mai 2019|923
Should You Request Workplace Accommodations for Anxiety?
There are many ways to manage anxiety at work, such as asking for workplace accommodations for anxiety or utilizing resources. Here are 5 options to try. 
23 mai 2019|955
Optimize Your Output at Work With These Apps
We use apps for a wide variety of purposes in our personal lives, but what about apps for work productivity? Here are five categories of productivity apps. 
05 mai 2019|903
Mindfulness in the Workplace
Mindfulness in the workplace has been implemented in many companies who have reported significant increases in their productivity as a result. 
17 avril 2019|620
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes and How to Cope
Symptoms and causes of chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as ways to treat and manage the condition in everyday life. 
29 mars 2019|1047
Gamification: Tips To Improve Productivity for Professionals
Looking to improve productivity in your workplace? Both traditional and remote workers can benefit from gamifying their day. 
27 mars 2019|670
Managing Your Mental Health in the Workplace
If you're one of the many individuals trying to manage your mental health in the workplace, know that you aren't alone. Learn tips to manage at work. 
30 novembre 2018|1060
How to Improve Concentration and Increase Productivity
30 octobre 2018|992