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Preventative Health
Why Do I Feel Light-Headed When Standing Up?
Postural hypotension sounds scary but feeling light-headed when standing up is fairly common. Here's what happens to your body when you stand up too fast. 
21 juin 2019|1135
The Creativity and Sleep Connection
Will sleeping better get you over creative block? Recent studies suggest the creativity and sleep connection is a very real thing. 
08 juin 2019|949
Took Sleeping Pills and Still Can't Sleep? Try These Techniques to Get to Sleep
Took sleeping pills and still can't sleep? Then try these techniques to get to sleep. 
18 mai 2019|621
Shake If Off: The Health Benefits of Vibration Therapy
The benefits of vibration massage can include relief from back pain. 
15 mai 2019|999
Coffee and Memory Loss: The Effects of Caffeine on the Brain
Coffee can really energize you, but are there any connections between coffee and memory loss? Find out how much is safe. 
14 mai 2019|686
Try These Sleep-Inducing Foods for More Restful Sleep
These nutritious foods for sleep can help you sleep better and longer. 
13 mai 2019|890
The Breakfast Myth: Is Your Morning Meal the Most Important Meal?
Is there a breakfast myth? Recent research calls into question breakfast's reputation as healthiest meal. 
12 mai 2019|626
Sleep Journaling: Jotting Your Way to Better Sleep
What is a sleep diary? You log the quality and duration of sleep, so that you can spot patterns or triggers that can impact how well (or not) you sleep. 
11 mai 2019|1088
Extend Your Lifespan: The Unbelievable Intermittent Fasting Benefits
Intermittent fasting benefits are so impressive, the practice might extend your lifespan. Fasting and longevity go hand-in-hand; here's how to start. 
10 mai 2019|611