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Employee Health and Wellness
Post-Lunch Lethargy: How to Avoid Feeling Sleepy After Eating
If you're feeling sleepy after eating, here's how to beat the post-lunch slump. 
12 juin 2019|962
Most Plants Don't Thrive in the Dark (Your Employees Won't Either): A Guide to Office Lighting
Lighting and productivity are inter-related. Lighting in the workplace can affect employee efficiency and their long term health. 
31 mai 2019|952
Mind Your Manners: 5 Open-Office Etiquette Tips That Are Easy-to-Implement
Developing rules around open-office etiquette will transform the productivity in your workplace. Here are five easy-to-implement tips to get started. 
27 mai 2019|1334
Why (And How to) Use Gender-Neutral Language in the Workplace
U.S. workers increasingly expect tolerance from their employers. Gender-neutral language signals gender parity in the workplace. 
24 mai 2019|1009
The Truth About How Sleep Deprivation Affects Work Performance
Lack of productivity can be costly to a company, but do you know how sleep deprivation affects work performance? Get the facts about fatigue at work. 
22 mai 2019|605
He/She/They: Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace
Where just 3 percent of Fortune 500 companies had a gender identity policy or protections in 2002, 82 percent of them did in 2017. Here's how you can, too. 
19 mai 2019|657
ZZZZ...Nap Pods at Work: Why Smart Companies Allow Napping at Work
What would happen if a company encouraged nap pods at work as a means to get rest during the workday? Learn about this new trend and ways to implement it. 
16 mai 2019|606
Are You (or Your Employees) in Sleep Debt? Here Are the Telltale Signs
Your eyes are grainy and it feels like you're moving in slow motion. Yes, those are sleep deprivation signs. Here's how to solve this major problem. 
03 mai 2019|708
Dollars and Sense: The Economic Burden of Worker Back Pain
The risk associated with work-related back pain can be greatly reduced by enhanced focus on the OSHA ergonomics standard and other common sense guidelines. 
25 avril 2019|592