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Help Your Teens Escape the Smartphone Trap

30 octobre 2018

Many parents feel concerned about their teenagers’ smartphone habits. They worry about how much time their teens spend on their devices; they worry about the freedom that a cell-phone brings; they worry about cyberbullying; they worry about their kids revealing too much personal data on social media, and they worry about smartphone use causing feelings of loneliness or depression. And many of these worries have research to back them up.

If you’re a parent of a teenager, what can you do to decrease the amount of time your teen spends staring at a screen? You can impose rules about how long and when they can use their phone, but those can be hard to enforce and may cause tension if your teen resents the oversight. One effective strategy is to provide them with compelling alternatives. When teens are busy with other activities, they are less inclined to spend all their time on their phone.

We suggest the V9 Desk Bike as a worthy investment if you’re looking to limit your teen’s tech time. The V9 Desk Bike combines an ergonomic stationary bike with a spacious desktop surface for the ultimate multitasking machine.

One of the side-effects of spending so much time on a smartphone is that teens may not be getting as much exercise as they used to. Instead of biking around the neighborhood, they’re Snapchatting from their bedrooms. The V9 Desk Bike allows them to get a daily dose of exercise while engaging in other activities. They can pedal while they do their homework, read, or even paint. Whatever your teen’s interests are, they can multitask while riding the V9 Desk Bike.

Stop worrying so much about your teens getting sucked into the smartphone trap. You can help them escape by offering them a fun alternative to spending their time cooped up with their smartphone – using the V9 Desk Bike to multitask their favorite “IRL” activities.